Too many disadvantages of the iPhone? Apple: Go for Android!

Have you ever seen a company’s CEO ask consumers to buy a competitor’s product?

I haven’t seen it before, until recently Cook stepped forward.


Cook said at the “New York Times” Deal Book summit: “You should buy an Android phone.”

Unshared News said: We know that Apple has been suppressed by the European Union recently, forcing the iPhone to switch to a USB-C interface, and forcing Apple to open the iOS sideloading function… Even the hometown of the United States has initiated a class action claiming that the App Store monopolizes.

Especially with regard to the issue of app “sideloading”, Apple is being verbally criticized worldwide, and the regulatory authorities have also given reasons: where users can download the App is their freedom, if the iPhone can only be downloaded in the App Store, that is Monopoly, I will punish you!


What is “side loading”? Simply put, install apps from any source on your phone. For example, an Android phone can not only download the App in its own application store, but you can also download it in the browser, load it from the memory card, and even the Bluetooth of another mobile phone can be directly installed and used.

Convenient? It’s really convenient. But Apple still won’t open sideloading.

Cook said: “If you need side-loading, you should buy an Android phone. From Apple’s point of view, allowing the iPhone to be side-loaded is like letting the car not be equipped with airbags or seat belts. We will never do this. It’s too risky. If you can’t maximize security and privacy, then you don’t deserve to be called an iPhone.”

Some time ago, the European Union launched an antitrust investigation on the Apple App Store. If it is established, Apple will not only accept a sky-high fine but will also be forced to open the “side-loading application” function of the iOS system. Similarly, the U.S. Congress is also actively discussing whether to force Apple to allow the installation of apps from third-party sources.

It seems to be more convenient, but is this really a good thing?

According to “establish a credible ecosystem of several millions of applications,” Apple Daily reported that “Ann Zhuo smartphone is the most common target of mobile malware, the recent malware infection rate is 15-47 times the iPhone . one study found that 98% of the Android mobile device for malware. this side loading density is associated cut. “

Apple “Building a Trusted Ecosystem for Millions of Applications”


Open sideloading means that Technology application developers can arbitrarily bypass the App Store’s regulatory review, freely access system albums, calendars, contacts, and text messages in the application, and force the permission to call the camera and microphone… and the user can do nothing…

For example, some Android apps will require users to allow a large number of permissions when they are opened for the first time. If they refuse, then I’m sorry, I won’t let you use them.


Users can choose whether they want the security of iOS or the freedom of Android. There are so many types of smartphones on the market, everyone can buy their favorite phone according to their needs, why do you have to turn the iPhone into an Android?

It’s like you bought a watermelon and complained why there is no orange flavor. Hmmm, this is obviously here to make trouble.


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