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Are you suffering due to a clogged drain? Don’t suffer. Contact Mister Plumber for high-quality drain cleaning services in Toronto. Clogged pipes can cause great suffering for households; however, determining what factors can cause blockage will help avoid them.

Why do the drain pipes get clogged?

There are several reasons that drain pipes can get clogged. It could be because of some external factors that are out of our hands, or we sometimes dispose of household items in the drain instead of throwing them in the garbage. Soap, dirt, food waste, grease, and flushing down hygiene products such as wipes and diapers can cause blockage of drain pipes over time.


Also, when the pipes become old, their functionality deteriorates, and old clay pipes are known to have multi-joints that make the wear and tear more probable with time. Sometimes, minerals and leaves build up in the pipes can block them as well as shifting earth can dislodge them. Tree roots can also find ways inside the pipes, even if the cracks are microscopic.

How to prevent the drain from getting clogged

You can take many steps to prevent the blockage of your drain pipes, such as disposing of oversized items in the garbage instead of flushing them down the drain. In addition, putting a mesh screen or shower hair catches will prevent the hair and soap scum from clogging it. You can also hire a good plumbing service for mainline backwater valve installation.

Mister Plumber Install a mainline backwater valve

Mister Plumber Installing a mainline backwater valve in the basement can protect the drain against the backflow of sewage water that could occur due to a collapsed drainpipe. Backflow of sewage water can seriously damage your furniture, floor, walls, and exposure to it can also be hazardous to health. So installing a backwater valve will keep you stress-free from the risk of backflow.



Clogged pipes can be a cause of great worry for a household. Several factors can cause a blockage, some external which we can’t control, and some internal ones that could be avoided. Old pipes also need replacement, and one can’t fix them themselves. In that scenario, it is advisable to find a plumbing service with decades of experience and advanced methods to fix, clean, or replace the drain pipes in any emergency.


Contact us for emergency drain cleaning

Cleaning or fixing drains needs an experienced hand with proper equipment. Untrained staff won’t take time to determine what has caused the blockage, nor will they plan properly or have the adequate equipment to take care of the drainage problem.

On the other hand, MisterPlumber service will inspect the drain blockage, create a plan, and take advance measures to replace or clean your drain pipes. Our team of experienced plumbers will make sure to use only high-quality parts while fixing your drain.


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