long natural nails

Here we discuss different shapes of long natural nails, including some nail shape, is square, or round, or
oval, or almond, and coffin/ballerina. If you have medium to long nails, oval, almond, and coffin-
shaped nails work best for you.

If you can't decide whether you want square or oval nails, nails are for you! Oval nails are similar to
almond nails, but with more rounded tips. This style is suitable for short fingers, it makes the fingers
longer and thicker. To get an oval nail, file the edge of the nail straight, then turn the file and file the
tip into a round shape.


File your nails with style

File the sides of the nail straight, carefully narrowing the free edge into a semicircle. As with almond
nails, find a center point and start filing each side to reach that point. For best results, file in one
direction, which will reduce wear and tear on the nails.

The coffin shape can be achieved by filing a nail into a tapered tip with a flattened tip. Therefore the
coffin shape of nails is for women who want to be fashionable with their nails, but not to the
extent of stilettos. Coffin nails are also similar to stiletto nails, but with a square toe that makes
them look like a coffin, or in a slightly less creepy description:

Ballerina shoe shape of nails ballerina shoes. This shape is similar to square nails, but the edges are much softer.
Square nails with rounded edges complement my nails and hands without looking too harsh. These
square nails are technically square nails (strange, I know), but the corners are clearly rounded. The
basic shape of the nail remains square, but the corners are rounded, making the square shape more


Squoval shape nail style

Squoval is a dazzling combination of oval and square acrylic nails. Square and oval, square or soft
square variants are another popular choice in the world of nail shapes.
Oval shapes look more attractive on wider nail beds and are the perfect base for a manicure. Oval
nails are perfect for short and wide nail beds and fingers due to the lengthening ability of round
nails. Round nails can also be used to make wide nails appear thinner and longer.

Which Nail Style suits your fingers

If you want to give the impression of longer fingers but want your nails to be short, then you should
consider a round shape. If this looks like you or you have long and narrow nail plates, consider a
square shape for your next manicure.

If your nails have been bitten or cut very short, some of these shapes won't work, but that doesn't
mean your manicure can't look amazing. If you want something that requires minimal maintenance
but still wants your nails to look great, this shape is probably for you. Enhance and lengthen the
look of your nails by matching your hand type with the right shape.

It's easy to see how the shape of your nails can completely change the look – file them down to a
spiky finish or try a coffin style and it can change everything. From almond and oval to coffin and
square, every nail shape requires a little attention, patience and know-how. You can use your file to
move the shape of the nail along a square or oval scale, whichever you prefer (the image above is
skewed towards the more oval side of the spectrum, while the image below is more square).

Use elongated nail shapes such as almond, coffin, and oval to elongate and slim short, wide fingers.
Round and almond shapes lengthen the nail bed, making it wider and slimmer. Duck or flared nails
are wider at the tips and then drop down on the way to the nail bed. Round nails are similar to
almond nails, except they are blunter and more delicate.


Oval shape style of nails

If you want a longer length than round nails but don't want "long nails" then oval nails are the way
to go! Almond nails are elongated nails with pointed rather than oval, rounded tips. While women
who prefer longer nails should opt for a more pointed shape, women who prefer a short, edgy and
elegant look will appreciate this nail shape. If your nail bed is weak or short, it's best to avoid
breakage. A coffin or ballerina's nails may break several times. Stiletto nails are long, pointy and
showy. Trim your nails straight to make them square, then "slightly round the corners with a file to
remove the edges," says Juanita Huber-Mille.

Ideal round shape style nails

Round nails are still very practical as they don't require much maintenance, but there is a bit more
room to experiment with styles and designs as you can keep them for longer. Now you might think
that since you can't grow your nails, there's nothing you can do about them other than a basic
round. Sorry, nail-biting – oval and almond shapes only work with longer nails.


This form requires minimal maintenance and is ideal for those looking for a clean and neat
manicure. Square nails can be shorter or longer, so this shape makes them versatile. This shape is a
less sophisticated nail style

Choose the unique style of nail

Usually shows that the person is taking the time to get a manicure and wants to be known about it.
One way to really make your nails stand out is to choose a unique shape, and that shape can
actually provide some important information about who you are and what matters to you.