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Writing research assignments can be an intimidating experience, especially to those just beginning their careers. However, a few simple strategies and tips can help you avoid common mistakes and easily write powerful nursing research articles.

I have listed below a step-by-step method for writing nursing research articles. It will walk you through each of the steps in the process, from starting to publishing your work. I also provide additional resources to help you on your way as well as links to other helpful resources that can help you find inspiration for your next assignment or article. Here are some ways to start writing like a pro!


Starting your assignment

Start with a research question. This is the driving force behind your Assignment Help Malaysia and will help you stay focused on what you’re trying to accomplish.

For example, “What are effective nursing interventions for improving self-care behaviors?” or “How to do patient/family perceptions of nurses’ empathy influence health outcomes?”

The Introduction

The introduction should be concise and informative. It is the first part of your article that your readers will see, so it needs to draw them in and explain what they are about to read.


There are a few key things you should include in your introduction:

– The purpose of the article

– A summary of the findings from the study

– The research questions you set out to answer

– What made this study unique

– A brief summary of the methodology used

– The limitations or challenges faced by the researcher during their work

The Literature Review

The first step in writing any research paper is to conduct a literature review. The literature review will provide the foundation for your ideas and the evidence that you’ll use to support your arguments. In order to write a quality literature review, there are some key steps that will have you on your way to success.

The first step is to define the problem or question that you’re trying to answer. You should be able to clearly articulate what you’re looking for and why it’s important. Next, you need to organize your thoughts by breaking down the question into sub-questions or subtopics so that you can find supporting evidence related to each of these topics. Finally, it’s time to start researching!

Methods of Data Collection

One of the first steps in writing a research article is to decide how you will collect your data. This decision can significantly alter the way your research study will be designed and implemented.

Data collection methods include surveys, interviews, observations, and questionnaires. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses so it’s important to carefully consider which fits best with your research study. 

However, assignment writing is not that simple and requires practice and a lot of experience. Any student who is looking for python homework help should immediately get in touch with Help in Homework. Surveys are particularly easy to design because they allow for anonymous responses from a large sample of the population; however, they often lack depth and complexity of data collection. 

For example, this type of survey could ask people if they identify as male or female but not what their gender identity is or how that gender identity relates to their sexual orientation.

On the other hand, having a well-designed questionnaire lets you take in more details about an individual’s experience including how frequently they engage in certain activities such as drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana; it also gives you an opportunity to get information on topics that may not have been asked by others before. 

Questionnaires also let you delve into specific groups in society including those who live at home with their parents or those who are religious. However, when designing questionnaires it’s important that questions are clear enough for respondents to

Data Analysis & Interpretation

-Begin with a clear idea of your research question and purpose.

-Determine the scope of your research by outlining what you will be looking for in the data.

-Create a table that includes all of the research questions, hypotheses, and variables to be collected in your study.

-Create a thorough literature review that discusses relevant topics and reviews previous studies on the subject.

-Collect data from the following sources:

1) Review of current literature, primary sources, and secondary sources

 2) Interviews with experts or subjects of interest 


3) Data collection and manipulation techniques such as electronic surveys or focus groups 

4) Data analysis software such as SPSS or Excel.



Nursing research is a significant part of the nursing curriculum and most nursing students have to write research assignments at some point during their degree.

This handout provides a step-by-step process for writing a nursing research assignment for those who are new to it.


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