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How to publish an article or guest post on PNews360?

If you want to submit your guest post, articles, blogs, and columns to PNews360, then the following are the things to keep in mind to become an author:

  • The article should be your personal creation and should not be copied by someone. The only article that can be published is the one that has been sent only to If your article has been published elsewhere, it will not be accepted.
  • Avoid using other than English words in the text. The language of an article should be common sense and smooth. 
  • After writing the article, kindly read it once or twice yourself to remove possible mistakes. 
  • The articles should not against Pakistan’s ideology, Pakistan’s armed forces, minorities and avoid sectarian material as well.
  • You can publish an article of these categories like Technology, Poltics, Sports etc.
  • The length of the blog should be between 300 and 3000 words. 
  • The editor is able to delete unethical content from any blog, change the title and change the text.
  • PNews360 gives you the opportunity to submit your articles and columns. PNews360 blogs will give them a good place on their website and will also share your blogs on their social media accounts. So, you will get enough traffic on your site or blog.
  • SEO experts can slightly change titles and keywords for search engine ranking.
  • PNews360 also suggests you to follow some SEO guidelines.
Blog Rules For Guest Post
Where to publish an article? Write for us to publish journal (but follow these rules for guest post submission on PNews360)

How to submit posts or guest posts on PNews360?


Following are some guidelines to keep in mind for:

  1. You should provide at least one outbound link (like any reference)
  2. There should be at least one inbound link (don’t worry about this, we will handle it)
  3. Mention a key phrase in your article a minimum of 3 times and a maximum of 8 times.
  4. Add keyphrase in introduction and title (keyphrase should be at the beginning of the title). 
  5. Title length should be 8 to 12 words.
  6. The keyphrase should not be used before.
  7. There should be some alternative text for your images.
  8. The minimum words length for an article must be 300.
  9. The size of your article image should not exceed 20kb. 
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Most importantly, kindly wait for the turn to be published after sending the blog, all will be published,

How to submit an article?

Send the blog to [email protected].

Following items should be attached during submitting an article:

  1. Title of the blog (according to the above SEO rules)
  2. At least one image should be there. ( according to the above SEO rules)
  3. Mention your blog category. 
  4. Your Name
  5. Twitter ID

Why above points are necessary because If you follow the above-mentioned rules, your chances of presence on search engines would be increased. 


Copy-paste articles will not be accepted under any circumstances, wait your turn after sending the article.


Important Note

If one of the three consecutive posts is copied and pasted, you will be blacklisted.

Hot topics to Write About in PNews360!

Hot topics near me for publishing on PNews360.


  • Content Marketing
  • Political Hot Topics
  • Journal Topics
  • Hot Topics in News
  • Interesting Topics to Talk About (For example, topics to write about countries and Empires history like Palestine, Kashmir, Ottoman Empire, Salah-ud-din Aubi, and Crusaders wars etc.)
  • Digital Advertising (Any article for advertising purpose can also be publish on PNews360)
  • Deep Topics to Talk About (Like write about Palestine, Gaza, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Talibans, ISIS, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Rohingya Muslims, Climate Change and Global Warming etc.)
  • Technology (Information Technology (IT), Data Science etc.) and Gaming News
  • Lifestyle Blog Topics
  • Digital Trends Updates
  • Random Topics
  • Business Updates and News
  • Social Studies Topics
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Social Media Trending Topics
  • Hot Topics Twitter
  • Hot Topics in News

Author profile requirements

There should be at least 3 blogs to be published on, and after the profile is created, if someone does not send a permanent post for 30 days, then his/her profile will be deleted.

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Editor and Blogger

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