Creativity and technology at the service of Vancouver Web Design and Development

Saintcode employs a staff of professionals able to take care of all the phases of the Vancouver web design and development of your site with an exceptional quality/price ratio in the design and creation of websites.

In fact, in the projects entrusted to us, we focus on two different types of services, depending on the customer’s needs, the complexity of the project, the budget available, etc .:


Design and development of sites with writing from scratch of the source code

This is the case of the creation of Apps ( see an example here ) or highly specialized sites, sometimes an integral part of other more complex sites, which we almost always create in synergy with other companies. Visit saintcode to see our Vancouver web design and development

Website creation on WordPress CMS (Content Management System) platform

This is the case of projects in which the Customer asks us to create a “turnkey” site of his company or his professional firm, perhaps within which we are asked to insert an eCommerce or a booking system, as well as an eLearning or a mailing list service, etc. These are the projects that are most requested of us, with lower budgets and achievable in a short time.

For this second type of service we offer:


  • Development and drafting of a communication plan
  • Domain activation and hosting ( see details here )
  • CMS installation and configuration
  • Identification and customization of themes for WordPress and other CMS
  • Site assembly
  • Installation and configuration of the most popular plugins
  • Graphic creations, photo editing
  • Writing and proofreading of texts
  • Translation of texts in the main European and Asian languages
  • Realization of photographic services
  • Professional video creation
  • Audio Authoring
  • … and so much more


WordPress is a very versatile platform thanks to the speed of configuration and a large number of tools adaptable to multiple needs, which allow you to easily create sites of all kinds in a short time: onaverage we are able to publish a site built with WordPress in one month from order and delivery of the contents to be published by the customer.

Thanks to the GNU GPL (General Public License) which actually makes Worpress an open source platform , we are also able to reduce licensing costs, limiting the cost of creating the site to working time and to the purchase (not always necessary) of some paid components. This allows us to create professional sites with an exceptional quality/price ratio.

 We have seen the web grow. And we grew up too.

Our experience in the field of Vancouver web design and development is more than ten years old. We have worked on sites of all sizes, genres and types. We have accumulated experience and selected tools to respond quickly to your requests, even those that you do not have very clear in mind.

We are able to provide you with sites that you can update independently, even by sending a simple email to the system, or from an application on your favourite tablet.

We can create customized graphics that best suit your image, starting from paper and pencil to reach any result that satisfies you 100%. Or we can start with ready-made templates to save time and money.

Your site will be able to adapt to any device: from the smallest smartphone to the mega-screen on the wall, through tablets and without forgetting to print on paper.

Your website

step by step

Whether you are big or small, for us you are always big. Even the apparently simplest project needs to be approached with method and organization. Above all, we know that each site is a story in itself, which should not be treated as “one of many”. Thus even the little one becomes great, and we with him.




First of all, we talk to each other: we listen to your needs, we propose our ideas, we make you come up with new ones. We constantly look around and know-how to offer you innovative solutions.


When we are at work it is as if we were working for one of our products. We are concerned with building something lasting, easy to manage and update, that fits your needs perfectly.



We test, we try, we use the product with you. When you are satisfied, then we will be too. You may not have a perfect result at first, but you can count on us to get there.


After launching the site on the web, we will not leave you alone: we are able to follow you in every phase of your internet activity, looking with you and for you the solutions to the problems you may encounter along the way.


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