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PNews360 is going on a journey of famous Turkish food or some old Turkish cuisines during Ottoman Era or we can also call it Ottoman cuisines. I hope you will like these Turkish main dishes and after that don’t forget to give Ottoman cuisine reviews in the comment section (bottom of this page).

Lying on both sides of Europe and Asia where East meets West, multiculturalism Turkey is best reflected in its cuisine. If you are a newcomer to Turkish cuisines, you have a mouth-watering journey, so let’s start with some delicious and mouth-watering Turkish traditional food.


If you are asking a question “What are the traditional best Turkish foods?” then you are landed on a good place and will find Turkey’s Traditional foods here.

The most famous dishes are Turkish kebabs so let start with Kebabs and Turkish kebabs recipes.

Kebabs (Best Turkish Food)

Tas Kebab

Tas kebab is a traditional kebab of the Turkey Anatolia region. Tas kebab is famous in Yozgat city that looks one step forward than the other Anatolia cities.


Tas kebab PNews360
Tas kebab PNews360 (Photo Credit:

Tas kebab is a mixture of special meat stew with pilaf, is the most favorite dish of Turkish people. If you ask somebody in Turkey about their favorite Turkish kebabs, most of them will suggest this kebab.

It is also consumed in the Balkans regions especially in Albania and Greece with the different cooking methods.

Testi Kebab

Turkish Testi Kebab is a traditional kebab of Turkey’s Cappadocia region. This kebab is famous with various other names too such as “Pottery Kebab”, “Cappadocia pottery kebab”, “Clay kebab”, and “Terracotta Kebab”.

Testi Kebab PNews360 | Photo Credit:
Testi Kebab | Photo Credit:

How to make Testi Kebab? The first clay jug is stuffed with beef, tomatoes, garlic, bell pepper, and a knob of butter. Its opening part is sealed with a peeled slice of potato and covered in alfoil, prior the jug is placed in a wood-burning oven.

Once it is ready, the chef should grip the alfoil-covered top in one hand and another hand must hold a small hammer to break open the meal.

Ali Nazik Kebab

Alinazik kebab is a home-style dish of Turkey which is famous in Turkey’s Gaziantep province.

Lets talk about Ali Nazik kebab definition (ali nazik tarifleri)

It is created from spiced and smoked eggplant, grilled and then pureed, topped with sauteed lamb’s cubes, previously seasoned and marinated. This kebab is mostly served with yogurt with garlic or rice pilaf, melted butter, and grilled vegetables.

Ali Nazik Kebab (Photo Credit:
Ali Nazik Kebab (Photo Credit:

It is known with a story that says that this name was accepted from the old Ottoman Turkish language where ‘ala’ meant ‘beautiful’ and ‘nazik’ meant ‘food’. After centuries this changed to ‘Ali Nazik’.

Iskender Kebab (Iskender Kebab Tarifleri)

Iskendar kebab is one of the most famous cuisines of Turkey. Its name is taken from its inventor “Iskender Efendi” who lived in Bursa Ottoman Empire in the late 19th century.

So, the actual story of Iskender Kebab or ‘Doner Kebab’ starts at the ‘Iskender Efendi’ butcher shop in Turkey’s Bursa city in 1867.

At that time, the lamb was cooked on fire of wood as a whole; therefore with this style of cooking the delicious and mouth-watering pieces of lamb meat are not distributed equally to every person.

Iskender Kebab Turkey (Photo Credit:
Iskender Kebab Istanbul (Photo Credit:

Firstly he separates the meat of lamb from its bones and nerves. After that, he places meat with layers on the vertical stick and he places that stick with a 90-degree angle to the grill that he designed.

This new style of cooking method becomes so popular and it spreads all around Turkey very rapidly.

This dish is the king of Turkish kebabs.

The dish consists of doner kebab ready from thinly and carefully cut grilled lamb topped with hot tomato sauce over the pita bread’s pieces and slathered with melted milk butter of sheep and yogurt.

Melted butter and tomato sauce are poured over the Iskender kebab live at the table for the amusement of the customer.

Turkish Traditional Pizzas (Best Turkish Food)

Turkish Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza)

Lahmacun gets its name from the Arabic word lahm-i-acinli, according to Ottoman traveler Evliya Celebi in the 17th century.

Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza) PNews360
Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza)

It’s a kind of pastry made from lahm, meat in Arabic, and ajin, paste. This paste consists of low type fat mince mixed
with the paste of tomato, garlic and spices smeared on a thin round of pita dough and can be made more spicer on demand.

Served with fresh a squeeze of lemon juice and parsley. Turks have been eating this type of dish for almost 300 years.

Turkish Pide (Pide Terifi)

What is Pide?

Pide is also called Turkish Pizza and it is one of the best Istanbul food. We can see it on all streets of Istanbul. Pide is a firm favorite between Turks with some of the delicious originating in the region of the Black Sea.

Turkish Pide (Turkish Pizza)
Turkish Pide (Turkish Pizza, Photo Credit:

It’s a crust that creates pride a winner of cuisines. It is cooked in a wood-fired oven, the highest temperature brings out a crisp crunchy base ideal for all kinds of ingredients.
It includes several toppings, but the ground lamb and egg give it a Middle Eastern flavor.

Traditional Turkish Breakfast

Turkish Simit (Simit Tarif)

Simit is originated across the cuisines of the Ottoman Empire and the Middle East. It is a circular Simit bread, stuffed with sesame seeds or sunflower seeds.

It is popular in United State as a “Turkish bagel”. It has a long history in Istanbul. It is believed that simit was made in the palace of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent in the 1500s but there is no official record exists.

Turkish Simit ( Photo Credit: )
Turkish Simit ( Photo Credit: )

Some archival sources present that the simit has been made in Istanbul since 1525. The 17th-century traveler Evilya Celebi wrote that there were 70 simit bakeries in Istanbul in the 1630s.

Simit and its variant became famous across the Ottoman Empire.

Simit is for breakfast with Tea and drinking tea with simit is traditional. Street Vendors sell simit in Turkey who either carry a tray on their head or have a simit trolley.

In other parts of the Middle East, it is consumed with duggah and boiled eggs, which is a mixture of herbs used as condiments.

It is commonly used for breakfast with buttermilk or yogurt in the mosques of Makkah and Madinah.

Turkish Sucuk

Sucuk the Turkish cuisine like the country Turkey itself, bridges the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and one of its
most famous dishes is a beef sausage known as sucuk (sujuk).

Sujuk or sucuk is the national food of Turkey. Its different types are also found in the Middle East, the Balkans, and
Eastern Europe. It is called suxhuk in Albania, sudzhuk in Russia and Bulgaria, and soutzouki in Greece.

Turkish Sucuk (Image Credit:
Turkish Sucuk (Image Credit:

Turkish Sujuk is usually made with ground beef, and some butchers add some amount of lamb for more flavor and taste. Sucuk or Sujuk may also include horse meat in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Turkish sujuk or sucuk flavors like highly spiced aged crumbled beef that is saturated with fat but not swimming in it like if fried but well-drained, leaving crispy, taste like small morsels of cured meat.


It is a traditional dish of Turkey which contains eggs, green peppers, tomato, and spices like red pepper and ground peppers cooked in sunflower oil or olive oil.

Menemen is mostly eaten for breakfast and it is served with bread. Its name originates from a small area in Turkey’s Izmir province.

Menemen Turkish (Image Credit:

White Cheese and charcuterie products like sucuk or pastirma may also be added.
Menemen may be made with onions, but the addition of the onions is sometimes debated and is more common when menemen is eaten as a main dish rather than a breakfast.

Gozleme (Gözleme)

Gözleme is a savory stuffed flatbread of Turkey. The dough is normally unleavened, and it is made only with flour, water, and salt. but it can also be made using yeast dough.

It is called sac boregi, pastry cooked on a sac-like hot convex metal plate, it is flat savory pockets normally stuffed with salty white cheese, minced beef, or spinach.

Gozleme Turkish Food (Image Credit:
Gozleme Turkish Food (Image Credit:

Sometimes it is considered a village food, Gozlemi takes expert handling to roll out the paper-thin dough without tearing.

The goz word means “eye” and the gözleme name is believed to come from dark spots which form like the pastry cooks and it absorbs the oil on the sac producing an “eyes” look.

Turkish Borek (Borek Tarifileri)

Börek was a popular dish of Ottoman cuisine, and it may have been invented at the Ottoman court, however, according to some indications it was made by Central Asian Turks.

Some other borek versions go to the classical era of the eastern Mediterranean.

Borek Turkish Food (Image Credit:
Borek Turkish Food (Image Credit:

It is made of a think dough like phyllo or yufka and it is a type of baked-filled pastries. Common fillings of börek are made with cheese, meat, leafy greens (mostly spinach), or potatoes.

It may be made in a large pan and then after baking, it is cut into pieces or portions or individual pastries.


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  • PM Imran Khan in Dushanbe has started talks with the Taliban about a coalition government
    PM Imran Khan in Dushanbe: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan says he has begun talks with the Taliban on a coalition government that includes Tajiks, Hazaras, and Uzbeks. PM Imran Khan wrote on his Twitter account today that talks with the Taliban had begun in Dushanbe after lengthy talks with leaders of Afghanistan’s neighbors, particularly […]
  • Taliban’s Victory: The failure of political and military leadership led to the fall of Afghanistan, Jens Stoltenberg
    Taliban’s Victory: NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told the New York Times that the defeat of Afghanistan’s military and political leadership had led to the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan. Stoltenberg told the New York Times that the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan was a premeditated decision. He stressed that the United States and its allies […]
  • Taliban announced the new government for Afghanistan
    Taliban announced the new government for Afghanistan this evening (September 7) to the members of the caretaker cabinet, which consists of 33 people. The Taliban said in a statement that the caretaker cabinet had been announced to provide services to the people. In the caretaker cabinet, Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund has been appointed as the […]
  • Constitution of Pakistan: Comparative and Informative Note On Constitution of 1956, 1962 and 1973 Of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan
    Constitution of Pakistan: The constitution is a system of fundamental laws and principles that prescribes the nature, limits, and functions of Government and other institutions of a state. We have different sources in different countries for the formation of the constitution but in Pakistan, the main sources of the Constitution are the Quran and Sunnah. […]
  • The US has completely withdrawn from Afghanistan after losing 20 years longest war in History
    The US has completely withdrawn from Afghanistan: The Pentagon has acknowledged that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan on August 30 marked the end of their 20-year mission in the country. The commander of the US Central Command, General Mackenzie, has confirmed that his last troops left Afghanistan between Monday and Tuesday. As the […]
  • Morality and Religion: Morality according to the teachings of Islam
    Morality and Religion: Religion is the name of the highest of moral values. Material progress and material ascents are of secondary importance. Morality in Islam The books that Allah revealed to His messengers, in the heavenly books also encourage good and discourage evils. The Prophets and reformers of ummahs have told us that in good […]
  • U.S. strikes ISIL (ISIS) in Afghanistan after deadly Kabul attack
    U.S. strikes ISIL (ISIS): The US administration has announced that it carried out the deadliest drone strike in eastern Afghanistan against a “planner” of an ISIL-affiliated group, a day after an attack outside Kabul’s airport that killed at least 175 people and 13 US troops. According to a Reuters report, a Reaper drone took off […]
  • Turkey Afghanistan News: Taliban have asked for Turkey’s help in managing Kabul airport
    Turkey Afghanistan News: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the Taliban have asked him to help manage the Kabul airport, a proposal still under consideration. No decision has been made yet. According to the Anatolian News Agency, Erdogan made the remarks ahead of his visit to Bosnia today. He strongly condemned yesterday’s attacks near Kabul […]
  • Blast Outside Kabul happened within a crowd of Afghans, kills at least 13, including children.
    Blast Outside Kabul: A blast occurred near Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul on Thursday evening, eyewitnesses reported and the US’s Pentagon confirmed.  According to an eyewitness, the blast happened inside a crowd of Afghans near the Baron camp who were trying to leave the country. The Baron camp is next to the airport.  Abdullah […]
  • Afghan Taliban Cabinet: Taliban to announce cabinet next month
    Afghan Taliban Cabinet: The Taliban are announcing their government and cabinet after the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, a number of sources said on Thursday. A source told TOLOnews on condition of anonymity that the Taliban were in “serious discussions” over the composition of the cabinet and would announce it in early September. Sources, […]
  • Panjshir Latest News: Taliban delegation went to Panjshir to talk with Ahmad Massoud
    Panjshir Latest News: Sources close to Ahmad Massoud says a Taliban delegation has arrived in Panjshir. The sources say that the anti-Taliban forces want meaningful negotiations in which the rights of the people are taken into account and a government is established in which social justice is ensured. “Panjshir must be resolved through dialogue, the […]
  • TRT WORLD Interview with former Taliban Ambassador Abdul Salam Zaeef
    Taliban Ambassador Abdul Salam Zaeef: Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem Really this is a big mistake of Americans and also I’m thinking it will be a little conspiracy including that. The Taliban, declared amnesty to all the people even before that when the Americans declared that some interpreter. They would take it to other countries […]
  • Kabul Latest News: A young man was killed in the 10th district of Kabul
    Kabul Latest News: Anil’s family says his son was shot dead by the unknown attackers as he was eating at a bakery and when he was on his way home. His father, Toryalai, said his son had no hatred towards anyone and did not know the cause of the incident. Our door slammed shut, I […]
  • Taliban Latest News Today: We will not allow US military presence to continue after the end of August
    Taliban Latest News Today: “With just a few days to go before the deadline for the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan.” The Taliban regime of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan says they will not allow Americans or other foreign troops to remain in Afghanistan. US President Joe Biden says the US military presence […]
  • Panjshir Afghanistan News: Clash between Taliban and Ahmad Massoud
    Panjshir Afghanistan News: Afghanistan’s Andarab region of Baghlan province is a narrow mountain valley, bounded on the north by Nahrin district, on the south by Panjshir, on the west by Khinjan, and on the east by Farkhar. The northeastern provinces are now completely under Taliban control, such as Badakhshan and Takhar, which are run by […]
  • Taliban’s latest news: European Union does not recognize Taliban Government
    Taliban’s latest news: After a week of Taliban rule in Afghanistan, the European Union has said it will not hold political talks with the Taliban regime. The Taliban of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan took control of the capital, Kabul, on Sunday without a fight. The head of the European Commission made the remarks during […]
  • A fire erupted in the Dehmazang area of ​​Kabul
    Fire in Kabul: According to initial reports in the Dehmazang area of Kabul, a fire broke out in a fuel tank & spread from there. Efforts are being made to stop the fire. Flames & smoke can be seen from a distance in the rest of the city. The fire reportedly broke out in a […]
  • Taliban’s latest news: Pol-e-Hesar, Banu, & Deh Salah districts have been liberated from the Taliban
    Taliban’s latest news: Sources say that heavy clashes have taken place in these districts and casualties have been inflicted on both sides. This is the first time since the Taliban took control of 33 provinces that ousted former government forces and insurgents from three districts. Despite many efforts, the Taliban did not comment. Popular sources […]
  • Taliban have announced the formation of a committee to address media concerns
    Taliban of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on Saturday said it had set up a committee to look into the plight of media workers and journalists. A Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, wrote on Twitter that a three-member committee had been set up to look into the issue. According to Zabihulah Mujahid, the committee will address […]
  • Ashraf Ghani’s brother Hashmat Ghani joins Taliban
    Ashraf Ghani’s brother Hashmat Ghani joins the Taliban. Ashraf Ghani’s brother Hashmat Ghani met with Taliban leader Khalil-ur-Rehman Haqqani in Kabul and assured his support for the Taliban government. Hashmat Ghani, the brother of former President Ashraf Ghani, has pledged allegiance to the Islamic Emirate at the hands of Khalil-ur-Rehman Haqqani. About Post Author PNews360 […]
  • Children of Kabul chanting “Long live the Islamic Emirate”
    The Islamic Emirate will bring peace to Afghanistan. Children of Kabul chanting “Long live the Islamic Emirate”. The smiles on the children’s faces show that the Taliban are peace-loving. A child is also holding the flag of the Islamic Emirate. About Post Author PNews360 Writing News and Articles about Politics, Trends, Climate Change, War, Crises […]
  • Barcelona FC began the new round of La Liga without Messi
    Barcelona FC has achieved the La Liga without Lionel Messi, who is now working out for his second match. Messi was unable to extend his contract with his famous team Barcelona and parted ways with the team 5 years later due to financial problems with the Barcelona club. After he separated from Barcelona, ​​Messi has […]
  • Taliban defeated the US, miracle or repetition of History
    Taliban defeated the US: God has blessed us. Afghanistan is a strong nation of faith. The current defeat of the US by the Taliban is a lesson for our future generations and other nations. British and USSR Defeat in Afghanistan Once he crushed the British who did not let the sunset. Then he tore apart […]
  • PM Imran Khan, the best Prime Minister in the World
    Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan Pakistan’s Corrupt Leaders (Most corrupt politicians in Pakistan) Nations that do not correct their situation, support bad and corrupt people, are proud of their sins, good and honest people who want to reform them make fun of them, then the worst rulers like Zardari and Nawaz Sharif For 30 years, these […]
  • Planting Trees in Pakistan and their importance
    Planting Trees: According to experts, 25% of the total population of any country should be forested. PM Imran khan Tree Planting Campaign (Pakistan Plantation Drive) Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to plant one million trees in the country as soon as he took over the government. Our country was in dire need of this decision […]
  • The Taliban government controlling Afghanistan’s Helmand province
    Taliban are further pushing into the capital of Helmand province of Afghanistan Source: Aljazeera News Afghanistan and Taliban and Tolonews Afghanistan About Post Author PNews360 Writing News and Articles about Politics, Trends, Climate Change, War, Crises around the World, History, Historical Figures, Sports, Social Change, and Technology. See author's posts
  • Social services are only limited to social media
    Social services in Islam In Islam, social work and social services are very popular. Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has placed great emphasis on social services. It would not be wrong to say that doing social service is the fulfillment of a human being. If a person is deprived of feeling and empathy, […]
  • Turkey Wildfire survivors trying to rebuild their lives
    Turkey latest news in english Turkey wildfires map About Post Author PNews360 Writing News and Articles about Politics, Trends, Climate Change, War, Crises around the World, History, Historical Figures, Sports, Social Change, and Technology. See author's posts
  • Turkey Fire Latest News: Death toll rises to 8, Turkey wildfires
    Turkey Fire Latest News Summary (Turkey Fire Latest News) Atleast 10 people are injured and 2 people die on Sunday Death toll rises to eight from extreme wild fires during recent days. Sicily and Greece also affected by the wildfires The death toll rose to 8 on Sunday from wildfires on Turkey’s southern coast. According […]
  • Natural Disasters and Calamities in Pakistan
    You all know that rains have been continuing in different parts of the country for many days. Natural disasters and continuing rain is severely affecting some areas of Balochistan, Karachi, and Islamabad. When it rains, there are losses due to heavy rains. Whether the country is a superpower like the United States or the most […]
  • Afghan Taliban took control of Spin Boldak border crossing Pakistan
    Taliban holding weapons. Photo: AFP Afghan Taliban operations continue, they took control of the main corridor between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Taliban’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid confirmed in a statement that the operation was carried out to seize the Afghan district of Spin Boldak, which borders Pakistan. Meanwhile, the main corridor between Pakistan and Afghanistan has been […]
  • Best Turkish food and Ottoman Cuisines
    PNews360 is going on a journey of famous Turkish food or some old Turkish cuisines during Ottoman Era or we can also call it Ottoman cuisines. I hope you will like these Turkish main dishes and after that don’t forget to give Ottoman cuisine reviews in the comment section (bottom of this page). Lying on […]
  • Binance banned in UK, Binance News Today
    Binance banned in UK (crypto ban UK) Binance UK FCA: The financial regulator of Britain issued an order to Binance for stopping all its activities (Binance banned in the UK) and they also issued warnings to the consumers about using this platform which is coming under inspection globally. FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) said Binance Markets […]
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) removes Coke from the table Coca-Cola lost $4 billion
    Cristiano Ronaldo has shown his strong impact on the top brand of World Coca-Cola after only one gesture where Coca-Cola lost billions of dollars. Before the opening of their game against Hungary Cristiano Ronaldo held a press conference to talk about the upcoming fixture. After arriving at the venue of the conference Cristiano Ronaldo saw […]
  • Gaza: Israel starts air attacks on besieged Gaza
    After a ceasefire of Israel with Hamas since 11 days of the war last month, Israel air raids on Wednesday are the first one on besieged Gaza. Israel started airstrikes on besieged Gaza but there were no casualties on both sides. The Israel army said that its aircraft raided Palestinian Freedom Fighters compounds in the […]
  • Flag Day 2021: Why America celebrates Flag Day with Stars and Stripes
    What is Flag day? Why Americans commemorate this Flag Day 2021 on 14 of June each year? Today is Flag Day 2021 (June 14) to tribute the Stars and Stripes and the role of the flag which has played in America’s history. The date of celebration is remarkable. The flag day on June 14 is […]
  • Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets left game 4 with injury of right ankle
    Brooklyn Nets initially lost James Harden 47 secs from the Eastern Conference semifinal series with Milwaukee Bucks.Brooklyn Nets were looking to lean on the performances of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to take down Giannis and theMilwaukee Bucks of their playoff series in Game 4, in order to drag ahead and get a 3-1 lead. […]
  • Budget 2021 22 Pakistan : Are Pakistanis satisfied with this Budget?
    Are you satisfied with this budget 2021 22 Pakistan? if yes then comment your view at the bottom of this page. The PTI government was trying to entertain Pakistanis as much as they can as the budget was introduced in the National Assembly of Pakistan on Friday. PM of Pakistan Imran Khan had mentioned “All […]
  • Ghotki: At least 31 people were killed in a passenger train collision
    More than 100 people were injured According to the authorities, on Monday, two passenger trains collided near Daharki city in the Ghotki district of Upper Sindh, killing at least 31 people and injuring more than 100 others. According to a spokesperson for Pakistan Railways (PR), the accident occurred around 3:30 in the morning when a […]
  • PATS: Want to Participate in the Military Adventure Sports?
    PATS The Pakistan Army Team Spirit (PATS) is the most serious army designed to test tactical skills at competitive and professional levels and access responses on a scenario of exciting and difficult battlefields in real-time, it is a competition. It begins in 2015, which is evolving in one of the strictest tactical practices and good […]
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