gift boxes

Gift Boxes are essential for protecting fragile and delicate items. You can choose multiple custom options to increase the temptation. Companies that need to send gifts to their business associates and customers rely on this packaging. With the help of high-quality techniques available for packaging, you can win customers’ hearts. There are many ways to improve the glow and shine of these boxes. Finishing techniques help achieve this goal. With the help of spot UV, gloss, and matte touch, you can quickly improve the shine. If you want to make more customers use this packaging, you need to use innovative designs. Following are the top 5 designs available for these boxes.

Gift Boxes with die-cut window:

Custom gift boxes with die-cut windows are famous in the market because of their transparency. This design is giving the most sales to companies. With the help of the die-cut window, it becomes easier to tempt potential buyers. Unfortunately, not all brands in the market are honest enough to use this design. Using this design is that you can add the die-cut addition anywhere. To improve the quality of the invention, you can also add unique prints to it. Gift items look outstanding when presented in these boxes. When customers can see the quality of the product before purchasing it, they become a fan. You can also give them what they look for by keeping the die-cuts simple. For a better impact, many companies also use accessories for this packaging. Clients become happy when bows and stickers are there, along with the die-cuts.


Handles on gift boxes:

Custom printed gift boxes with handles are also a unique way of impressing your clients. When custo0mers are looking for gift packaging, they want to make sure that it is functional. It is because they have to send gifts to their loved ones. To increase the touch of functionality, you can also add handles. This can be a monotonous design, but with the added creativity, you can twist things.

If fragile items are present in the boxes, you can use multiple handles. It will also help distribute the weight of the box and make it easier for the client to carry it. Whenever you facilitate your customers, they will love to buy from you again. It is also a marketing strategy to impress your potential buyers. Handling the products and shipping them also becomes easier using this design. Choosing this design will also make your products distinctive from the rest.

Boxes with lids:

Printed gift boxes with lids are also a new design to follow. The lids on the boxes play a significant role in protecting the delicate items present inside. You can use this lid in a flip-top closure design as well. It will not allow any external factor to ruin the quality of the products. Many brands are using the lid as a child-lock design as well. It is because sometimes gifts have fragile items in them. If a child opens the box, it may break and be harmful. The presence of a lid is helpful for not letting this happen. You can also use double-sided lids. This will also improve safety and overall durability. When the receiver gets the gifts, it will be an excellent packaging experience for them. When customers see such an efficient design, they will readily buy it.



Pyramid design for boxes:

Customized gift boxes with outstanding designs are the hot sellers in the market. You can try adding different shapes to the designs to get the most sales. People get bored of choosing the exact standard sizes and shapes for gift items. Custom gift boxes wholesale with pyramid designs are perfect for providing the best results. If you use these boxes to send jewelry items, the pyramid shape will give you more space to safely place the items.

You can also use this design for keeping cookies and food items. The separate shelves and custom inserts will also help maintain the integrity of the products. For better results, you can use assortments as well. When it comes to gifts, packaging matters a lot. It is because everyone wants to present their gifts luxuriously. You can also apply different finishing techniques to give it an outstanding appearance for this design.


Themed designs for boxes:

Gift box manufacturers know that everyone wants to spend their money on products worth it. Therefore, they have started making their products relevant to ongoing events and festivals. If you use these boxes near Halloween, you can add spooky colors and themes. Similarly, you can add the best blends of colors, such as red and green, to make the most of it for Christmas. You can be more creative and make cartoon shape packaging. These themed packaging will excite your clients, and they will love to buy your products. The benefit of using themed packaging is that it improves the credibility of your products as well. You will also get a distinctive position for your products by choosing this option.

Gift Boxes are popular in the market because of their excellent printing quality. However, it would help if you used innovative designs. The best design to improve the transparency of your products is the die-cut window design. You can also use handles to provide a facility touch to your clients. Experts also recommend using boxes with lids to increase the safety of products. Using a pyramid shape design is the best to attract more clients.